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Latest Heritage Profiles

Lawrence M. Hibbert: founder, president and chief technology officer of BCT Partners
Dec 22, 2009

Launched in June 1998, The Network Journal's 40 Under-Forty Black Achievement Awards honors men and women under 40 years old whose professional accomplishments have significantly impacted an industry or profession, and who also have made an important contribution to their community. A committee of judges reviews each year's candidates and their supporting material and makes the final selection for the year's honorees. This year Rutgers Alumni Lawrence M. Hibbert was honored to be part of...


Dr. Randal Pinkett: entrepreneur, speaker, author, scholar and community servant
Dec 21, 2009

Dr. Randal Pinkett has established himself as an entrepreneur, speaker, author, scholar and community servant. He is the co-founder, chairman and CEO of BCT Partners, a multimillion dollar management, technology and policy consulting firm based in Newark, NJ. BCT Partners works with corporations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations in the areas of housing and community development, economic development,...


Dr. Ivan Van Sertima
May 30, 2009

Ivan Van Sertima the Guyanese-born historian, who gained global renown with his scholarship showing African presence in the Americas before Columbus, has died. Van Sertima’s most famous work was “They Came Before Columbus,” (Random House, 1976) which showed African influences in Central and South America before the arrival of Europeans. Thereafter, he engaged in battle with conservative scholars who rejected his teachings. He was a professor at Rutgers University, in New Brunswick,...


Alfred Edmond Jr.
May 1, 2010

On May 1, 2010, Alfred A. Edmond Jr was inducted into the Rutgers Hall of Distinguished Alumni for his work in promoting financial literacy among African Americans. He was also featured in the Rutgers Magazine - Spring 2010 Edition along with four other inductees ( Edmond is senior vice president & editor-in-chief of He is responsible for the long-term planning and development of the Website’s content, as...


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