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Volunteer Opportunities

As an all volunteer organization, volunteerism is paramount to our existence. We encourage all alumni to become financial members and more importantly active members of the organization. Membership dues help to sustain the organization, while active participation fuels its growth.


RAAA, Inc. is contractually responsible for staffing and operating concession booths 12 - 14 at Stadium East on the upper level of the Rutgers Stadium for home football games. The concession program is a major fundraising source for the organization. Volunteers are needed to staff RAAA contracted concession booths for regularly scheduled Football games. Volunteers are also needed at the Rutgers Athletic Center during the basketball season for home basketball games. To view the 2010 Football schedule, click here.

As part of our succession planning, an Assistant Concessions Coordinator is needed. The Assistant Coordinator will work with the Coordinator to ensure contractual staffing requirements are met for all scheduled concession engagements. The Assistant Coordinator will also serve as another point of contact for all concessions volunteers.


Increasing membership is a top priority of the organization. Volunteers are needed to assist in communicating the value of being a financial and active member of our ever growing organization. Volunteer assignments may include assisting with membership related mailings, attending campus events as RAAA, Inc. representatives, creating and implementing membership networking opportunities or assisting in the development a membership drive program.

Communications/Web Team:

Several volunteer opportunities were created with the re-launching of the RAAA, Inc. website. Opportunities exist for web content providers and researchers to assist in developing and writing feature articles of interest for our constituents. Editor(s) are needed to review and edit content of web material and newsletter publications. The Editor(s), in conjunction with the Communications Chair, will be responsible for approving content for publishing.

Campus Representatives - Student and Alumni:

It is of great importance that we have an ever increasing and continuous presence on ALL campuses. Opportunities exist for Alumni to serve as representatives of RAAA, Inc. as a means of fostering relationships with the student population. Student representatives are needed to serve as the eyes and ears on the ground. The student/Alumni partnership facilitates a more supportive all encompassing community. Having student representatives lends itself to a better understanding of our student's needs and concerns.

Advisory Roles:

Tax Attorney/CPA with an expertise in non profit compliance to serve in an advisory capacity.
Attorney to assist when/if any legal inquires rise - to serve in an advisory capacity.
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